Kenan Thompson Asks Where His Good Jeans Are In Last Night’s Best SNL Sketch

That Ryan Gosling plays a mean Rock n’ Roll flute.

Last night’s SNL had a number of great sketches I wanted to highlight. “Woke Jeans” was particularly good as was the “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” bit on Weekend Update. But while I loved those, I have to give it up for “Dive Bar”:

“Dive Bar” honors a couple SNL traditions. For one, it was the last sketch of the night, which is usually where you find all the best weird sketches. And for two, it’s a Kenan Thompson sketch that breaks into nonsensical musical interludes. Ryan Gosling cracking up is a tradition now too, I guess.

The jokes here are numerous and varied. Just on the surface, Ryan Gosling playing the flute is a winner. Then you have Thompson’s bizarre NFL song that mixes gibberish with political discourse. Plot-wise, the thing evolves from an investigation to whatever’s going on with Gosling’s domestic live to Thompson’s desperate need to find out what happened to his good jeans. It’s a surprise sequel to this amazing sketch, and I am completely down with that.