Ryan Gosling Tells Us (Again) All About Jazz

With an assist from Emily Stone.

Saturday Night Live is back, and as anyone could have predicted, it started off with a lame Donald Trump sketch. But that’s fine because it rebounded with a great Ryan Gosling monologue about how he saved jazz. What is jazz, you ask? Let my man tell you:

SNL monologues are pretty hit and miss, but this one has jokes galore (my particular favorite is Gosling lighting a cigarette while his piano still plays) and works like a gift that keeps on giving, even if the issue it mocks is nearly a year old now.

This is a strong opening episode overall, by the way. Everyone’s fresh from their summer break, and Gosling broke in pretty much ever live sketch they did, so even when it wasn’t funny it was still pretty lively and exciting. Bring on the new season!