Judy Greer In Talks To Join HALLOWEEN Cast As Laurie Strode’s Daughter

Man, this movie is a curious one.

As if the new Halloween movie directed by David Gordon Greer and co-written by Danny McBride didn’t have enough curiosity going for it, we recently learned that Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back as Laurie Strode, which blows the whole curiosity thing into the stratosphere.

Now we learn from Deadline that Judy Greer is likely to join the film as Karen Strode, Laurie Strode’s daughter. Given the type of roles Greer has been stuck with lately, I have to assume she’s visiting her mom after going through an unpleasant divorce.

I do like this, though, because it makes me think Halloween could be focused more on an adult cast. As sort of an adult myself, I can’t help but feel more invested when grown ups are involved with horror instead of teenagers. Not that I don’t expect some teenagers to get their asses killed in this thing.

Halloween is expected to arrive next October.