Netflix Will Get The New SHAFT Two Weeks After It Hits Theaters

The streaming giant has struck an interesting deal with New Line.

We've known for some time that a new Shaft was in the works, one that would find Samuel L. Jackson returning to the role he played in John Singleton's 2000 film...along with Shaft's son, to be played by Jessie T. Usher. What we didn't know, apparently, was that New Line has been working on a deal with Netflix to co-finance the film, one that will result in a most unusual rollout.

Says Deadline:

"Sources say that New Line and Netflix are nearly closed on the untitled Shaft reboot. Netflix will pay more than half the film’s high $30 million budget, in exchange for international rights and the ability to put the film on its streaming outside the U.S. two weeks after New Line releases theatrically in the United States. The film will begin production in December."

Yes, Netflix and New Line are splitting the cost on the next Shaft (which, by the way, will be directed by Tim Story and written by Kenya Barris), ponying up $15M apiece to make the film a reality. Two weeks after New Line puts the film into theaters, Netflix will debut the film on their omnipresent streaming service.

One suspects this will only add further fuel to the "Is Netflix destroying cinema?" argument, but let's be honest: are you in the mood to have that particular argument today? Maybe let's table that one for now.

Or maybe not. If you feel like parsing through this, feel free to hit the comments below. Everyone else should standby for further Untitled Shaft Movie updates as they become available.