Come Get Slimed By Marc Summers At BMD’s ON YOUR MARC Event!

Complete with live Q&As with the man himself, simulcast into Drafthouses across the country!

Marc Summers was a staple of many childhoods among BMD devotees. Host of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare and What Would You Do?, he was Bob Barker for preteens across the country, all wishing they could appear on his show, answer trivia questions, engage in crazy hijinks and (if they were lucky) get a bucket of bright green slime dumped on their heads. 

Nowadays, Summers is the host of Unwrapped on the Food Network, continuing his legacy as being one of the great TV personalities in the medium’s history. Mathew Klickstein’s touching, poignant documentary On Your Marc is the story of the legendary host’s rise to fame. For those wondering “why the heck would I want to watch a doc about a game show host’s life?”  the answer is fairly complex. Aside from his accomplishments in filmed entertainment, Marc Summers has battled crippling OCD – an ironic twist in the tale of a dude who was once known as “the messiest man on television.” On Your Marc takes the audience behind the scenes, and allows them to enjoy both the triumphs and tragedies of Summers’ days in the spotlight, highlighting a disorder too many associate with gross stereotypes instead of its naked, troubling truth. 

We here at BMD are honored to be able to host a screening of On Your Marc in Austin, which will be simulcast into several theaters across the country. Always one to put on a show, Summers will be performing a Q&A, which will include a live band (featuring the original composer/performer of the Double Dare music), along with trivia for courageous audience members who could end up living out their middle school dream of getting “slimed” should their knowledge not be up to snuff. 

Tickets for both the live event and the simulcast screenings can be purchased here!