BOB’S BURGERS Movie Being Developed To Grab All The Butts

Tina Belcher coming for dat big screen.

Bob's Burgers is amazing, and the way it has quietly permeated our pop culture lexicon is a testament to just how damn funny it is. Had you told me that Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive's animated sitcom would inspire thousands to dress up as Tina and Louise Belcher at Halloween (not to mention get nominated for the Best Animated Series Emmy seven straight times) when it started, I probably would've laughed in your face. Eight seasons later, I can't imagine the show ever getting canceled. 

Now there's a movie in the works, as Fox is developing a feature length animated adaptation, aimed at being released in July 2020. 

No word on a plotline or if any of the cast has signed on as of yet, but as long as Tina gets to snag a few cheeks on the silver screen, we're all in. Our only hope is that it's better than The Simpsons Movie