Bond Talk After Dark: Yes, Of Course Denis Villeneuve Wants To Do A Bond Film

Don't we all?

Much like politics and opinions on mayonnaise, Bond fans are kind of binary these days. There’s the “lighten up/make Bond fun again” camp, and there’s the “OMFG HIRE CHRIS NOLAN FOR BEST BOND EVARR!!1” super-serious gang. That second group got a little damp this week when Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve revealed that he has indeed chatted with Eon Productions about Bond 25:

“It’s true — I’ve been in discussions with (producer) Barbara Broccoli and (actor) Daniel Craig. It’s a magnificent project; I would love to do a James Bond, but I don’t know how it would fit with my current projects. We’ll have to see.”

It’s interesting that they’ve chatted, but with Bond 25 locked into a November 8th, 2019 release date and Villeneuve all in on Dune (and also in talks for Sony’s Cleopatra), the odds of him helming the next 007 flick seem...iffy-ish? On the other hand, maybe Villeneuve wants a break between sci-fi epics, and Bond 25 slides nicely into that space? At this point I’m more than a little worried about another dour 007 adventure, but if it has to be, at least this would mean we get Deakins back on Bond. I’ll take it.


Barbara Broccoli is also excited for Bond 25. Here’s what she had to say about it recently at TIFF:

Same, Babs.


Remember that Commander wristwatch Omega announced as a tie-in to the respective anniversaries of You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Tomorrow Never Dies? This week Christie’s has three of them up for auction (proceeds going to charity), and they’re throwing in some bonuses. The stainless steel edition comes with a reproduction of Sean Connery’s naval uniform from You Only Live Twice, while the yellow gold edition has a reproduction of Roger Moore’s naval uniform from The Spy Who Loved Me. Both recreations have been designed by Bond costume designer Lindy Hemming. The white gold version is expected to fetch the highest bid, and comes with a British Royal Navy Ensign flag signed by Daniel Craig. The burning question: will the naval uniforms be reproduced in Connery’s and Moore’s sizes, or can we get them made-to-measure?


I saw BMD reader/pal Diego at Fantastic Fest this week, and he laid this crazy gift on me: A Chilean comic that started out as a James Bond book, but due to copyright issues the book was retitled Killer, and replaced Bond’s likeness with that of...Charles Bronson. Okay!

Weirdly, this makes me pine for an era of Bond that never was, the alternate universe where '70s Bond got as gritty as the rest of that decade, and where we maybe saw one more Connery Bond, but directed by Lumet. Imagine it! Maybe instead of Moore, Oliver Reed or Terence Stamp succeeded Connery as a nastier 007 to suit the period. Eon obviously opted to go more escapist and family friendly. And that’s fine; I guess we'll always have Italian action flicks to scratch that scuzzy itch.