Teaser For Amazon’s JACK RYAN Series Promises Terrorist Interrogation

The glory days of Jim Halpert, Action Hero trudge on.

Pictured above: not actually Jack Ryan. Just the guy who plays Jack Ryan.

Jim Krasinski's pivot to action hero has actually been fun to watch. Initially ridiculous in premise (as the mugging Office man was probably the last person you'd think of as your white, muscleheaded savior), his turn in 13 Hours (which is vastly underrated, mind you) proved that he actually had it in him to start mowing down men with a machine gun. This Jim Halpert fucks. 

Now we're faced with yet another reboot of Tom Clancy's iconic boyscout, who will have his (counts fingers) FIFTH actor portray him on screen (following Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine). Not to be confused with '14's rather boring Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Amazon's upcoming eight episode series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan looks to again have the world saved from terrorism by this handsome dude from Baltimore. 

Take a look at the brief "reveal" teaser (which really gives more screentime to anonymous terrorists than Krasinski, but whatever):

I'm sure this won't be problematic at all. 

Speaking as someone who's read every Ryan novel, it's weird to see this well keep getting returned to, as Clancy's creation is very much a product of pre-9/11 terrorism, whose politics are muddy at best (downright suspect at worst). Hopefully, the hero can keep getting rejiggered into an American symbol whose worldview doesn't completely align with Donald Trump's as he battles ISIS. 

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan hits Netflix in March 2018.