Bruce Willis DEATH WISH Remake Runs Away From 2017

Maybe people will be more receptive to a movie like this next year.

Eli Roth and Bruce Willis’ Death Wish remake is a film I’m very excited to see. Not because I’m a monster, but because I sort of have a thing for poor-taste modern exploitation. And in 2017, I can’t think of much that would be in poorer taste than this film.

But instead of seeing it with family and loved ones around Thanksgiving, I’m going to have to wait until 2018 to watch Bruce Willis maybe act again. According to Deadline, the film has moved to March 2. That’s quite a jump. There are business reasons stated for the move, but my personal guess is they got cold feet given our cultural climate lately. This movie is, after all, Bad Idea Jeans writ large.

It’ll be curious to see what state the world is in come March 2, 2018. I highly doubt the bits that are bad now will get better. And I also highly doubt Death Wish is going to come along and heal our nation’s wounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if the theatrical release on this ends up being on the small side.