First Trailer For Netflix’s DARK Promises Subtitled STRANGER THINGS

Somebody call Elf!

Netflix is probably never going to get off their Stranger Things bullshit; at least not until those kids are all grown, ugly, and nursing healthy drug addictions. 

But alas – to go along with the reveal that the streaming giant has covertly dropped a Blu-ray edition of their zeitgeist-grabbing nostalgia trip in Targets across the country (fitting, as Stranger Things is basic AF genre entertainment) is the first trailer for Dark. Billed as the “German answer to Stranger Things, the foreign-language series follows four families sent on a frantic hunt after two children disappear.

Check out the spot:

To be honest, that actually looks pretty damn good, full of ticking clocks and incredibly creepy imagery. And what’s up with that brainscan chair at the end? It may barely be a minute long, but that promo has guaranteed I’ll be giving Dark a shot once its released December 1.