Josh Hutcherson Travels Through Time To Battle Herpes In The First FUTURE MAN Trailer

No, you read that correctly.

OK, so maybe the headline's not entirely accurate, but it's close: Future Man - a brand-new Hulu series headed our way from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg - concerns a young video game enthusiast named Josh (Josh Hutcherson) who gets recruited to travel back in time to stop a doctor (Keith David) from creating a herpes vaccine that eventually leads humanity to extinction. 

It looks as crazy as it sounds.

Good on Future Man for addressing the obvious right out of the gate: this entire project is built atop a premise that sounds suspiciously like The Last Starfighter. But once you've gotten past that, it looks like Future Man's going to play with a number of other sci-fi genre tropes (note the Back To The Future gag), and appears cut from the same gleefully profane cloth as some of Goldberg and Rogen's other genre efforts (This Is The End, Preacher). We're into it.

According to Deadline, Future Man will hit Hulu on November 14th. Y'all gonna check it out or nah? Weigh in via the comments below.