Second MOLLY’S GAME Trailer Goes All In On Jessica Chastain

Aaron Sorkin's poker picture looks to be a sure bet.

OK, I'll stop with the betting puns. 

The second trailer for Molly's Game -- the feature directorial debut from Social Network and West Wing screenwriting guru, Aaron Sorkin -- has arrived and promises much more punchy dialogue and bookended framing devices. Starring Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain (as the titular head of her private gambling cabal), the movie received mixed/positive looks out of TIFF and is being positioned as an Awards Season contender with its November 22 release date. 

But the real trump card here (OK, now I'm done) is Chastain, who looks to be really digging into Sorkin's trademark verbal barrage in the trailer. Here's hoping the movie delivers on the promise of all these high profile talents, and gives us the skiing-champ-cum-vice queen opus we've always desired. 

As mentioned above, Molly's Game comes out November 22.