First Trailer For Joe Lynch’s MAYHEM Brings The Pain

Steven Yeun goes HAM following one seriously bad day at work.

Joe Lynch's Mayhem is wild as hell. An extreme play on Romeroesque satire, where a virus causes a gaggle of white collar co-workers in an otherwise sterile office building to become bloodthirsty maniacs, Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) is having a ball letting the blood and cheeky jokes flow simultanouesly.

The movie's been killing it in midnight slots at festivals since SXSW (where I got an opportunity to talk to its awesome director about his latest work), and now y'all get a chance to peep what all the gory hubub is about via its first official trailer.

Check it out: 

This movie is fun as hell, and a blast with an audience (so, if you can, definitely see it that way). RLJE Films will drop Mayhem in theaters and on VOD November 10. Definitely watch that shit with a beer in your hand and a devilish grin on your mug.