Keanu Reeves Clone Movie Trailer Contains Insufficient Keanu Reeves Clones

One Keanu is too few.

Keanu Reeves had it all wrong in John Wick, it turns out. Rather than murder every Eastern European in New York, he should have just cloned his wife (or his dog, depending on his state of mourning on each) and be done with it. A lot less work that way.

As the latest clone movie to hit screens, Replicants Replicas joins a genre that’s ironically seen few serious hits (a film I can’t mention for fear of spoiling it notwithstanding). Keanu plays a scientist working on the human brain, via lab assistants Thomas Middleditch and Chappie, for the express purpose of cloning it - or more specifically, cloning his entire family when they’re killed in a car crash.

It’s hard not to get the distinct feeling that this is one of those trailers that gives away the whole movie. It drops at least one major-seeming reveal, and it even spoils a bit where Chappie goes all I, Robot on Keanu. What it doesn't spoil is any scene where Keanu looks like he gives a shit about this in-between-John-Wicks joint. Or any scene in which Keanu fights a clone of himself, which is the only reason we clicked "play" to begin with.

One hopes the fact that “from the producer of Passengers and Transformers” isn’t an ill omen. But given that the director's biggest credit to date is co-writing The Day After Tomorrow, it probably is.