Watch This Trailer For A Game Where You Play An Asshole Goose

Not, thankfully, a goose asshole.

If you’ve ever met any geese, you’ll know two things* about them: they’re beautiful, graceful birds, and they’re complete fucking assholes. Those bastards will chase you down, steal your shit, and bite you in the ass if you’re not careful, honking like a New York City driver at rush hour.

Ducks are great. But geese? Fuck geese.

Our friends at Melbourne game development house House House (the house that the delightfully weird Push Me Pull You built) recognise this simple fact of nature. That’s why their new project, currently labeled Untitled Goose Game, embraces it to the fullest. The concept trailer is fantastic:

You've got to love games that use blockbustery mechanics in low-key scenarios. In this case, Untitled Goose Game appears to operate much like Hitman, with stealth mechanics, responsive AI, and a plethora of interactive objects. The art style and animation is charming as fuck, the gameplay objectives are quietly amusing, and there even appears to be a cooperative mode. It's a step up in complexity from Push Me Pull You, but it's heartening to see that House House's personality still shines through.

Untitled Goose Game is due out sometime in 2018. Real geese probably won't be extinct by then. Probably.

* (If you want a third thing: geese are also responsible for the tiresome idle conversation standby as to what the plural of “moose” is.)