Superman (Kind Of) Returns In The New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

Don't get too excited, though: he doesn't have the mustache.

The new Justice League trailer is here.

Let's see what we can see.

Alright, first of all, this trailer loses major points for not including the Superman mustache (we know the footage exists, Warner Bros., and the people demand it!). Secondly, it's obvious WB wants everyone to know that this DC film's going to ease up on the grimdark a bit - you've got colors, jokes, characters actually smiling. Third, a whole bunch of these VFX shots look very wonky, and hopefully that wonkiness can be ironed out before Justice League's arrival on November 17th.

It's before 9AM on a Sunday and those are all the opinions I am prepared to offer at this ungodly hour. You folks can sort through your own feelings on this trailer in the comments below.