Luc Besson Returning To Female Driven Action With ANNA

And he's bringing Helen Mirren with him!

Luc Besson is in a curious position, career-wise. He's a visually-minded auteur, whose movies are still popular with many film fans (see: Film Twitter contrarians, mostly*), and who has a solid amount of "classic titles" (LeonThe Fifth Element) that keeps the goodwill flowing from studios.

That said -- Valerian: In The Sky With Diamonds was a massive box office disappointment, so it's somewhat surprising (or, perhaps, wise on his agent's part) to see Besson getting a new action film lined up so quickly after said financial dud. Anna continues the writer/director's fascination with single name titles (Lucy rules, BTW), and is another foray into female-fronted action pictures (with newcomer Sasha Luss cast in the title role). Coming along for the ride are the legendary Helen Mirren, Cillian Murphy, and Luke Evans. Just when we thought we were out of the Besson game, he pulls us back in. 

No details regarding the plot of Anna have been revealed as of yet, but Besson's usual home, EuropaCorp, will produce the film (which begins production in November), and Lionsgate/Summit will distribute it. I will, of course, watch the shit out of any action movie sporting that cast. 

*Oh, and me.