Trailer For Fantastic Fest Favorite WHEELMAN Goes Full Grillo

High concept action coming for that ass.

I saw 34 Fantastic Fest features this year, but Wheelman is totally near the top regarding titles I desperately want to re-watch (read my review here).

A movie that essentially asks the quesiton: "what if you crossed Locke with Walter Hill's The Driver?", Jeremy Rush's stripped down crime thriller is a no frills, high concept affair, where we're locked into a refrubished BMW with the titular getaway driver (portrayed with breakout bravado by genre favorite Frank Grillo), and tells the entire tale from behind its wheel. This is a sub-ninety minute nail biter that's a total treat for heist fans, and Netflix just released the trailer in order to further whet your appetite. 

Take a look:

Hot damn, I can't wait to see that one again. Produced by Joe Carnahan, and showcasing a supporting cast that includes Shea Whigham (who has a mohawk!) and Garret Dillahunt, I think you guys are really gonna dig this when it hits the streaming platform on October 20.