Grillo Watch 2017: BEYOND SKYLINE Looks Totally Badass

Added Bonus: Iko Uwais going buck wild on some aliens.

This feels really weird to say: but I am so fucking there on opening day for Beyond Skyline.

A surprise sequel to the unwatchable 2010 "worldwide blockbuster" (you verify it, because I'm not gonna), Liam O'Donnell's alien invasion B-Movie bonanza just released a new trailer and it looks like a ton of fun. Take a look:

I mean -- this is basically Independence Day with Frank Grillo fighting off spaced invaders instead of President Bill Pullman, but now that I've typed that description out I'm really pleased this exists at all. The fact that The Raid punishment artist Iko Uwais shows up halfway through the spot (sporting a gigantic gun and a motorcycle helmet no less) is just icing on this crazy cake. Plus, there's like big robot alien monsters and a bunch of other wacky nonsense. It's like they let a gigantic eight-year-old make a movie out of the contents of a trunk they found in their dad's attic and I'm feeling every second of it.

Furthermore, the Frank Grillo Revival Tour is in full effect this fall/winter, what with this and Wheelman (which hits Netflix October 20). The man is a genre icon in the making, and it's great to see his grizzled ass get his due. 

Beyond Skyline hits VOD December 15th. You can come over if you want. I've already bought beer and drugs.