STAR WARS Trivia: Which Two Actors Have Appeared In All Four Rian Johnson Features?

Hint: The first one's named Joe. Then there's some "Other Guy".

Everybody's so caught up in Star Wars fever -- even Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who dropped (via a Twitter "trivia" tidbit) that he's definitely appearing in The Last Jedi

But the question as to just who this second mystery man is remains unanswered. A quick cursory search of IMDB offers zero trends (perhaps he was uncredited)? So I decided to go frame-by-frame through The Last Jedi trailer to see who the fuck Joe is actually talking about. 

Other Guy? (No, that's Millennial Vader)

Other Guy? (No, that's Actual Darth Vader.)

Other Guy? (No, that's Yoda.)

Other Guy? (Counting this as a "Maybe".)

Other Guy? (Wait, no that's Justin Timberlake.)

Other Guy? (Another "Maybe".)


No, not HER. The OTHER Guy.

Anyways, kudos to his success. I loved you on Breaking Bad bro. 

The Last Jedi is released December 15th. I hope Other Guy gets to take his moms to the premiere.