SUPERGIRL Review 3.01 “Girl of Steel”

The Girl of Steel returns, but we need Kara Danvers more right now.

Just like that, we’re back! For all of you who have been following along with Sid’s reviews, I’ll be taking on Supergirl from here on out. If you’re new to our DCTV coverage, our reviews have spoilers in ‘em!   

“Girl of Steel” spends most of its time looking at how Mon-El’s departure is effecting Kara. It’s important to not glaze over her choice, but it also means that Supergirl is spending more time tying Kara’s identity to his. It will be a balancing act, but hopefully we’ll see them establish her on her own while Mon-El is away (since we all know he won’t be gone for long).

While Kara’s dealing with her personal issues, the world continues to spin without her. Maggie and Alex are planning their wedding, James continues to run CatCo, and Cat’s found a comfy new position as Press Secretary to the president. Other updates since the Girl of Steel’s devastating decision? Morgan Edge has made his way to town, and he’s just as awful as he’s been in every other iteration we’ve seen him in. But this time we get one hundred percent more Trump allegory!

Speaking of the Joke in Chief, Supergirl continues its shots at this administration and its narrative even outside of the Edge parallels. Each time Cat Grant was on the screen, she was dragging one set of far right commentary or another. If we can’t have Kara Danvers’ optimism, at least we can have Cat Grant mercilessly throwing shade.

You can’t introduce Morgan Edge without nefarious plots, and he came into the game with two. The first was to destroy the waterfront so he could build new high rises for the wealthy. The second was to buy CatCo so he could control the narrative surrounding his schemes. Supergirl stopped the first, but Lena Luthor gets to be the hero of Cat’s media empire.

It’s currently unclear where we’ll see this new acquisition take Lena, but at the very least we’ll see her go toe to toe with Morgan Edge throughout the season. Her conversation with Kara after she found out that the reporter had left her position at CatCo could mean that she intends to have a hands-on role in the company, but only time will tell on that one.

Smatterings of what make Supergirl great could be seen throughout “Girl of Steel”. That includes the recognition of chosen family, and Alex asking J’onn to be the one to walk her down the aisle, Winn’s humor, and James and Lena’s tag team match in Edge’s meeting room. Unfortunately, all of those individual moments aren’t enough to make their season three premier anything to write home about.

We’ve got the intrigue of the current mystery character who’s dreaming of Allura Zor-El, as well as the ship under the water, so it’s not as if they didn’t set anything up for the rest of the season. It just wasn’t enough to build enough hype to counter Kara’s “I’m better than humans” mentality. We get to see a few cracks in her shell appear during her conversation with J’onn on the rooftop, so hopefully we’ll see the hope return to our favorite Kryptonian sooner rather than later.

Did you have strong feelings on the episode, or did you find it just as “meh”? The comments excitedly await your opinions on the matter!