Sylvester Stallone Jumping Back In The Ring To Direct CREED 2

Dear God, please don't let these Ivan Drago rumors be true.

This is a bummer. 

Last night, while the world was going gaga for a new Star Wars trailer, Sylvester Stallone snuck in through the back door and announced (via his Instagram) that he (not Ryan Coogler) is directing Creed 2.

Look, I'm just gonna be honest: this sucks. Stallone is great, and has proven that he's able to direct a superb Rocky movie (Balboa is as good as any in the series). But Ryan Coogler is who made Creed the all-timer that it is: a movie full of incredible boxing sequences, superb character beats, and whose distinct blackness seperated it from every other mainstream blockbuster. Creed is a movie with identity and a sturdy soul. When you add in the fact that Creed 2 is rumored to introduce Ivan Drago's son as Adonis Johnson's (Michael B. Jordan) opponent, this whole endeavor just seems ill conceived from the jump.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch anything Rocky related, but my enthusiasm has been downgraded to "morbid curiosity" at this point.