The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival’s BOOK OF BIRDIE Has A Stunning Trailer

This might be the most beautiful film you see at the fest.

This Thursday the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival descends upon New York, bringing with it a number of buzzworthy titles you might have heard of if you follow the festival circuit. Hagazussa is playing. The gory, wildly irresponsible piece of anarchy known as Game of Death will be showing. Brand new Shudder jams Mayhem and Cold Hell will be unleashed. This festival is absolutely packed with 2017 highlights. 

But today I want to point you toward the festival’s closing night film, the strange, hypnotic and beautiful The Book of Birdie. Elizabeth E. Schuch's debut feature follows its titular character (Ilirida Memedovski) as she’s shipped off to a snowy convent following a personal scandal. From there we follow Birdie on a psychological journey as she descends into…possibly madness, possibly something else entirely. Saying more would rob the film of its quietly devastating surprises. 

The Book of Birdie has the lonely, ambiguous vibe of George A Romero’s Martin, though mapped onto a different facet of religion than the one that film was preoccupied with. I invite you to check out the trailer below, and if you’re in New York, to not miss the Sunday night screening of the film.

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