Grab Your Wallets! The Annual Scarecrow Video Anniversary Auction Is Upon Us

Pick up some great memorabilia while supporting film preservation.

Scarecrow Video isn't just a video store. It's an institution. A mecca. A shrine to cinema; converted from your local neighborhood tape depot into the largest American non-profit film catalogue. Now, you've got a chance to help them keep on keeping on, by tossing a bid in on some of the great collectibles and entertainment indulgences they've put up for their Anniversary Auction. 

Got some Christmas shopping to do for the cinema nerds in your life? Well, look no further. The Scarecrow Auction (bidding begins on October 15th) has a signed David Lynch Elephant Man poster (starting at $100), and Matt Ryan Tobin's absolutely gorgeous Mondo print for An American Werewolf in London (also kicking off at $100). Those too rich for your blood? How about a Criterion Edition DVD of Down By Law, signed by Jim Jarmusch (starting at $30)? 

For Seattle locals, Scarecrow is offering up two tickets to see comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah at the Paramount Theater (starting at $80), or (if you're a big cinephile and spender), a year long pass to SIFF Cinema (starting at $200). 

Speaking as a team member at a mom and pop shop in Austin (Vulcan Video), I can't stress enough how important places like Scarecrow are to not only a city's film scene, but also the community at large. They're cultural hubs, where folks from all walks of life can come together in celebration of the art they love. With the rise of streaming, these institutions are becoming incredibly scarce, so we need to keep them going as long as humanly possible. Hopefully, you'll check out the full auction here, and (again, when bidding begins on the 15th) will treat yourself or a film fan in your life to a geeky present, while helping out an essential cause.