LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Review 3.01 “Aruba-Con”

They came, they saw, they kicked Caesar's ass!

It was a long hiatus, but the Legends of Tomorrow are back, and so are we! If you’re returning back to these reviews after last season, we missed you! If you’re new to these write-ups, welcome! There are spoilers headed your way after this paragraph, so if that’s not your thing, probably click away until after you’ve watched the episode.

“Aruba-Con” catches up with our Legends right where we left them: 2017, with one hell of a broken timeline. Thankfully, when Rip left the team he did so to create an organization called the Time Bureau. Unfortunately, he also managed to lose every ounce of character progression and find himself right where he was in season one (read: a giant jerk who’s not actually in control of anything). All the same, the Time Bureau saves the Legends and the rest of the world from the shattered timeline and the dinosaurs that came with it. After that’s all wrapped up, he sends his former Legends to their corners of the Arrowverse, takes the Waverider, and is silly enough to believe that will be the end of things.

Heroes are never great at mundane life. The Legends of Tomorrow may not be great at their job, but they’re all meant for better things. Six months in the real world has everyone on the team but Mick (and Amaya, who’s returned to 1942) on edge, so you can imagine how high they jump when Mick finds Julius Caesar in Aruba. There’s a brief frat boy fake-out, but turns out a drunken Mick Rory did indeed find Caesar on a beach.

Since Rip’s found himself back in his old season-one ways, he’s not too keen on the idea of the Legends taking Caesar back home, but this is Legends of Tomorrow, so they obviously steal the Waverider and head to Rome. For that same reason, things go sideways when they do and Nate lets Caesar lift his history book. After a few more stumbles, the team rights things again, the timeline is fixed, and all is back to “normal” in the Legends’ world.

Unfortunately, it really was all as boring as that. There were things to dig in “Aruba-Con”, like bro hugs and Mick and Sara toasting in her office, but it all seemed like a rehash of old themes with different dressing. Rip will let the Legends continue to do what they do because of an impending threat, but his change of heart took no effort after how against the idea he was at the beginning of the episode.

With that, the Legends are left to their own devices after breaking time and creating some currently unknown super villain. While their season three premier wasn’t as awe inspiring as some of their other offerings, it was still Legends of Tomorrow at its core, and all of the relationships that make it great are still there. If there’s one thing to take from season one, it’s not to underestimate this show’s ability to turn things around on itself, so there’s still plenty of faith to be had for an exciting season to come.

If you’ve got thoughts on the episode, we want to hear ‘em. The comments await!