Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Next Marvel Project Is STORM

Holy shit.

My President Was Black. Donald Trump Is the First White President. The Case For Considering Reparations. Even if you don't know Ta-Nehisi Coates by name, you almost certainly know his work at The Atlantic. As their national correspondent, Coates has spent the last decade writing incisive, insightful racial and cultural essays that have helped shape modern discourse, but he's also spent the last year and a half writing an incredible Black Panther comic for Marvel. Now his next solo book at the company seems to be lined up as well: Storm.

Coates will team with Jem and the Holograms illustrator Jen Bartel. The two met at this past weekend's New York Comic Con where Jen happened to have this Storm art on hand, seemingly sparking the conversation:

Coates' Black Panther book with Brian Stelfreeze is one of the most densely political works to come out of mainstream American comics, more a sprawling saga about changing geopolitical landscape than a straight-up superhero story, so one can't help but wonder what he and Bartel have in store for the Goddess of Thunder, arguably the X-Men's greatest leader who also happens to be the former queen of Wakanda. Storm was also part of Coates, Yona Harvey and Butch Guice's recently cancelled Black Panther and the Crew, though this will be her first solo series since her 2014-2015 solo debut under Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez.

The book doesn't have a release date yet, which is understandable since it was conceived less than a week ago, but it's probably the most exciting thing going on at Marvel right now. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, here's some more Jen Bartel Storm: