Gal Gadot To Potentially RUIN A Few Nazis With Christian Bale

Wonder Woman may be taking home some German scalps.

Though she's got the sequel to Wonder Woman up next, Gal Gadot isn't content to save us all from the tyranny of evil men in just one movie. 

Talks have begun for Gadot to star in Ruin, a post-WWII revenge drama centered around a former Nazi Captain who begins hunting down his own SS squad in an attempt to atone for his evil deeds done during the war. The film would be directed by Justin Kurzel (Assassin's Creed), and Christian Bale is reportedly up for the role of the central fascist stalker.

There's no word as to who Gadot would play in Ruin, but that logline is enough to get us fairly excited about the idea of seeing her and Bale together, potentially looking to rid us all of Hitler's scum. Ruin is rather speculative at the moment, as Kurzel is also prepping to make a movie about Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, and Gadot is also supposed to star with Bradley Cooper in the supernatural thriller, Deeper. Here's hoping the stars align on this, as its an intriguing premise, and Kurzel showed with Assassin's Creed that, even though the story made no sense, he's still got a weird enough visual sensibility to keep even the worst movie interesting.