Trent Reznor’s Releasing A Cover Of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN Theme Tomorrow

Here it is: the Trent Reznor story that finally killed Scott (RIP gentle angel).

The folks over at Consequence Of Sound have a very exciting piece of information for us today:

"Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and Trent Reznor plans to mark the occasion by covering John Carpenter’s classic Halloween theme. The nearly eight-minute recording, made in collaboration with Nine Inch Nails bandmate Atticus Ross, will be released through Sacred Bones and Reznor’s own Null Corporation, according to a listing on Amazon."

How's that for an unexpected surprise?

Consequence Of Sound links to both the song's Amazon buy page and a link where you can hear a sample of the track, but it appears both links have gone dead. Since we accessed and listened to the sample just a few hours ago, we're guessing someone at Amazon got a classic Unamused Trent Reznor Email™ for ruining the surprise. Rest in peace, Amazon employee. We thank you for your service and wish you could be around to hear the full track when it drops tomorrow.

Anyway, no idea what the story is here (did Reznor and Ross just get a wild hair up their ass and decide to cover one of the most iconic horror themes of all time? Is Reznor a Halloween superfan? Is this Academy Award-winning duo angling for a chance to score David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween sequel?), but that's fine: all that matters right now is that we get to hear this track as soon as humanly possible.

Stay tuned. We'll provide further updates if they come along. While you're waiting, celebrate with your favorite NIN gifs in the space provided below.

(Note: header photo used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)