ARROW 6.01 Review “Fallout”

Six seasons. Still no imrpovements to the security of the Arrow Cave.

Welcome back, Team Arrow! We’ve missed you. A couple of improvements were made while you were away. Don’t worry though, the security in the Arrow cave is still just as terrible as ever. If you’re new to our reviews for the show, there will be spoilers from this point on.

When we left the team at the end of season five, Adrian Chase had shot himself in the head in order to trigger hundreds of bombs on Lian Yu. Minor detail: every single person Oliver Queen loves was on the island when it happened. There’s not a ton of suspense to be had there, since most of the folks on said island are the main cast of the show, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any consequences from the explosion.

Predictably, William’s mother was a casualty of the blast. Shows historically have a difficult time trying to find a way to successfully integrate children into their narratives, which means this William addition could mean some issues for Arrow moving forward. While that’s acknowledged, “Fallout” deserves some credit for involving William without it becoming an annoyance. Oliver trying to sort out the nuances of fatherhood will be an interesting task, but is in danger of becoming annoying quickly if they lean too heavily on the idea that Oliver will have to choose between being the Arrow and being William’s dad.

While William’s mother was the only casualty, not everyone else made it off of Lian Yu unscathed. Thea is currently comatose at Star City General, but since they led us to believe she was dead when we first saw her body, that’s a step up. Diggle isn’t in a hospital bed, but something happened to him on the island. There were hints that there was an injury that’s impeding his capabilities, but something about it seems mental as well. The team behind the show have mentioned that he has a difficult journey ahead of him in the coming season, so we’ll see more of that unravel as things progress.

Black Siren’s currently playing the role of the big bad, but we’ll see someone else replace her soon, certainly. Katie Cassidy plays villains infinitely better than she plays protagonists, but more often than not those villains are pawns. Siren was rescued from Lian Yu, and has intimate ties to the team, so she’s both of value and interesting enough to keep at the forefront of things until they decide to do any reveal.

It’s the job of a season premier to get people hyped about the coming season. Some shows use murder, or something of similar intrigue. Since Arrow has had more than enough death in its history, they went a different route for the season six opener: telling all of Star City who the Green Arrow is. If this isn’t the first season you’ve been involved, you know it’s not the first time Oliver Queen has been accused of being the vigilante, but something feels different this time. There are plenty of ways for them to get out of the current pickle they’ve found themselves in, but Oliver just might be missing that baseball game with William tomorrow.

As always, we want to hear your thoughts on the premier and where you want to see the season to go. Internet points to the first person to ask who Vigilante from last season is, and negative internet points to anyone who asks after the fact. Ready? Go!