Hulu’s Going Back To The FUTURAMA

Get ready to go on a Halloween binge with Bender.

In four days, Matt Groening fans are going to be beamed back into outer space. 

Hulu announced that all 140 episodes of Futurama (not to mention the 4 films produced between '99 and '13) will be available to stream starting October 16th. This feels like a deliberate middle finger to Netflix, who began removing seasons of Futurama prior to that (one by one, in the most annoying fashion ever), without ever officially announcing the show was leaving. As of July 1st, it was gone completely. 

Shortly thereafter, Hulu announced that it was partnering with Fox to become the exclusive streaming home of their catalogue. Futurama will be joining other great programs (such as my personal favorite, Bob’s Burgers), strengthening the programming selection (along with Hulu's originals, such as The Handmaid's Tale and Marvel's Runaways). 

This is great news for those who have started losing faith in the content dumping ground that is the digital Redbox. Now, it's time for Hulu to show us more of Castle Rock, which could help mint the service as "nerd central" should that Stephen King property turn out as good as we hope.