The Final STRANGER THINGS Season Two Trailer Is Here

We're spoilerphobic on this one, but don't let that stop YOU from watching it.

In two weeks, the second season of Stranger Things hits Netflix, and the hype couldn't be stronger. Fans of the Duffer Bros.' 80s-centric series have been waiting for months to binge this newest batch of episodes, and the time is almost upon us.

As such...maybe you don't want to watch this final trailer for Stranger Things S2. Maybe you already know you're sold, and want to keep as many spoilers at bay as possible between now and October 27th. Or maybe you have no self control and nothing could stop you from watching it and you're A-OK with that.

It's your click.

Real talk? We did not watch the trailer above. We intend to watch Stranger Things S2 as soon as possible, and don't want another moment spoiled. This writer's gonna go ahead and assume the footage above is fun, intriguing, and that there's probably more than a few nods to a bunch of stuff only '80s kids will remember. 

Feel free to dissect the trailer above in the comments below. We'll be over here patiently waiting for Stranger Things' return on October 27th (Friday after next!).