SUPERNATURAL 13.01 Review “Lost and Found”

Welcome to the bunker, Jack. Likely to kill you in the morning.

The boys are back after a no good, very bad day. To recap: Mary’s now in Apocalypse World with Lucifer, Crowley’s dead, Cas is dead, and the son of Satan took a half second to hit puberty. Teen Nephilims? Gotta be worst kind of Nephilim, but he’ll really need to work that moodiness if he wants to keep up with Dean. If you’re new to our reviews, this will have spoilers.

There’s a lot to unpack with the Nephilim, Jack. Their lore isn’t really common knowledge, and Supernatural has been known to build its own stories around its monsters. We’ll continue to learn about him and his kind for however long he’s alive, surely, but “Lost and Found” outlines that he can do almost everything (except for bring Cas back), and that angel blades don’t do a damn thing to him. He believes Castiel to be his father, not Lucifer, and became a teen immediately because his mother told him he wouldn’t be safe as a child.

Strangely, despite it being announced at Comic Con and being otherwise common knowledge that Castiel will be in the rest of the season, the writers have decided to drag out his death a bit longer than just one episode. Death in the Supernatural universe is all but eye rolling at this point, but we did get a good drama moment out of Dean from it, so it can have a one or two episode pass.

We will also see some real consequences in this season. Mary being stuck in Apocalypse World with Lucifer is no joke. Whatever he needs from her, it can’t possibly good. Crowley’s death will be sticking for sure, which paves the way for some complex emotions while allowing actual stakes in the show where death so rarely sticks for the bigger characters.

It takes a lot for Dean Winchester to pray. Unfortunately, every time he finds that breaking point, Chuck seems to be busy. There’s a theistic argument to be had about not praying only when you need something, but in the case of the Supernatural universe, Sam and Dean have at least a little bit of a right to pray when they need something instead of all the time. We’ve seen Dean Winchester emotional in the past, but there was something more complex about him asking for Crowley to come back. The King of Hell’s end as some strange sort of anti-hero has the eldest Winchester all in knots. Here’s hoping it leads to something more than the line or two it got in the premier.

Season thirteen will likely start to bring up the question of nature vs nurture. Is Jack evil because he is the son of Satan, or will he only become evil if pushed in that direction. How long after Dean comes around on the kid will he experience a tragic death? With twenty plus episodes left, we’ve got plenty of time to speculate! We want to hear your thoughts on the episode and what’s to come in the comments.