BMD Exclusive Clip: TOTEM Definitely Doesn’t Save The Cat

The indie horror picture is looking to be chock full of weirdness.

Blumhouse are the reigning champs of the horror scene as of late, and if this exclusive clip from the makers of Totem teaches us anything, it's that Jason Blum & Co. are looking to keep it that way. 

The feature debut of writer Evan Dickson, and helmed by Marcel Sarmiento (whose Deadgirl is still one of the most disturbing works this site has ever covered), Totem tells the tale of a teenage girl (Kerris Doresy), who must resort to extreme measures in order to protect her family from a supernatural entity. If this brief preview is any indication, Dickson and Sarmiento's film is not going to play nice.

Take a look:

Co-starring Ahna O’Reilly (Marshall), James Tupper (Big Little Lies), Lia McHugh (American Woman), Braeden Lemasters (Easy A), and Lawrence Pressman (Very Bad Things), Totem was produced by Divide/Conquer and Gunpowder & Sky, and will be released via VOD (thanks to Blumhouse, Cinemax and HBO) in the U.S. on October 31 and internationally on November 3. We'll definitely be watching.