Happy Monday: Guillermo Del Toro Is Making A Documentary About Michael Mann

(Guitars Wail. Gunfire Echoes In the Distance.)

(Photo used with permission by Wikimedia Commons.) 

Look, it's best that we just shut the rest of this week down, as its not getting any better from here. 

While introducing the Director's Cut of Michael Mann's '95 masterpiece Heat at the Lumière Film Festival, Cannes spokesperson Thierry Fremaux included the tidbit that Guillermo del Toro was currently working on a documentary about exacting crime auteur (and all-around God) Michael Mann. While the news isn't confirmed as of yet by either del Toro or Mann, it'd be an odd occurance for a seasoned vet from the biggest film festival in the world to just publicly drop knowledge about a project without any sort of backup to his words. 

GDT has been a longtime Mann fan, having already chatted with the writer/director in his featured conversation series at the AMPAS "In the Labyrinth". No word on whether this will be a feature (a la De Palma or Spielberg) or some form of home video short supplement (Criterion?), but you better believe we're going to watch whatever the hell it turns out to be.