Teaser For Netflix’s GODLESS Brings Scott Frank And Steven Soderbergh’s Old West Home

(Though it's weird that their names aren't even branded on this horse.)

Produced by Steven Soderbergh and written/directed by Scott Frank (Out of Sight), Godless looks to be another must see event for Netflix (who, if you haven't heard, is rolling out a ton of new content over the next year). Starring Jeff Daniels and Jack O'Connell, the limited series (which is comprised of six episodes) follows Frank Griffin (Daniels) - a menacing outlaw who's terrorizing the West as he hunts down Roy Goode (O'Connell), his son-like partner-turned-mortal enemy. Frank's chase leads him to the quiet town of La Belle - that is mysteriously made up entirely of women.

Now, there's a quick trailer, showcasing how dusty and rugged this thing's gonna be (though is oddly missing both Soderbergh and Frank's names). Check it out: 

Co-starring Rio Alexander, Kim Coates, and Michelle Dockery, Godless hits Netflix November 22. Come hell or high water, we're going to be watching this one.