This Stunning BATMAN RETURNS 3XLP Is Headed To MondoCon

Time to buy a turntable.

Disclosure: Mondo and BMD are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse.

As you know, this year's MondoCon is almost upon us, which means it's time we all started getting a peek at some of the goodies Team Mondo has in store for us at this year's, say, this gorgeous Batman Returns 3XLP that was just revealed over at

Let's take a look.

Here's a word from Mondo about the release, which features brand-new artwork from the great Kilian Eng:

"Mondo is honored to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS with an expanded 3XLP soundtrack release. Danny Elfman’s score to BATMAN RETURNS is as sweeping and epic in scope as an opera. The carnival of characters (heroes, villains and everything between) are tragic and struggling with duality, in a snow-covered metropolis that sets the stage for Elfman’s composing at his absolute finest."

Let's take a look inside... 

Now that is one good-looking set. Here's a full track listing, if you're curious:

Side A

01. Birth Of A Penguin / Main Title (5:38)

02. Penguin Spies (1:11)

03. Shadow Of Doom / Clown Attack / Introducing The Bat (5:05)

04. Intro / The Zoo / The Lair (6:03)

Side B

05. Caught In The Act / Uh-Oh Max (2:03)

06. Kitty Party / Selina Transforms (5:31)

07. Penguin’s Grand Deed (1:51)

08. The List Begins (0:47)

09. The Cemetery (2:58)

10. Catwoman Saves Joan / The New Woman* (2:07)

11. Penguin’s Surprise (1:55)

Side C

12. Bad, Bad Dog / Batman Vs. Circus / Selina’s Shopping Spree (5:44)

13. Cat Chase (2:15)

14. Candidate Cobblepot (1:00)

15. The Plan / Kidnapping (2:36)

16. Sore Spots / Batman’s Closet (3:29)

17. The Plot Unfolds (1:21)

Side D

18. Roof Top Encounters (4:50)

19. Batman’s Wild Ride (4:19)

20. Fall From Grace (4:19)

21. Revealed / Party Crasher (3:21)

Side E

22. Umbrella Source / The Children’s Hour / War (7:55)

23. Final Confrontation / Finale (9:17)

Side F

24. A Shadow Of Doubt / End Credits (6:18)

25. Super Freak (Source) (3:26)

26. Face To Face (4:19)

Performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees

This set is limited to just 2,000 copies, comes pressed on heavy-weight vinyl, and features liner notes from John Takis. Danny Elfman's score makes this an obvious buy, but that Kilian Eng, that's some of his best work yet. 

Copies of Mondo's Batman Returns 3XLP set will be available at this year's MondoCon (November 4th and 5th, get further information here), with all remaining copies going online shortly thereafter. I'm definitely gonna add this one to my soundtrack collection, how 'bout you folks?