BLOCKERS Red Band Trailer Features John Cena Translating Dirty Emojis

Let the cock blocking begin!

Though it's admittedly been out for a few days, we here at BMD finally got around to the trailer for Blockers, which features John Cena, Ike Barinholtz and Leslie Mann as parents who discover that their teenage kids all want to bang on prom night, and head out to stop them from getting that butt. For real, it's about as stupid a premise for a movie as I've ever heard, but this initial red band spot features John Cena trying to decipher nasty text messages and chugging beer with his anus.

Check it out: 

I read some headline somewhere that called the movie "sexist garbage" based on this promo, but the very idea of Cena as just some rando suburban dad made me lagh like a maniac so, whatever. Universal releases this nonsense on April 8, 2018, and I'll definitely be first in line (and probably intoxicated).