Bond Talk After Dark: POTPOURRI!

Something for everyone; nothing for no one. (No, that's not the title of BOND 25. Yet.)

I just realized it's still two years before we get a new 007 movie. Jeezy Chreezy. Let’s start with some good news: Dennis Gassner, production designer on Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, and a little movie called Blade Runner 2049, is on board for Bond 25. Here’s what he said to ICG Magazine:

“With franchises, you have to honor the established elements while meeting audience expectations. I’m about to do my fourth James Bond film, and acknowledging the efforts of Ken Adam and others is a big part. But we still need to make it new for ourselves.”

Gassner knocked it out of the park in Blade Runner 2049, and there’s a book of photographs of the empty sets of Spectre that show he did quite a nice job there as well, until someone in post opted to hose the whole film down in yellow. One hopes that in finding that balance between "acknowledging the past" and forging ahead, the team at Eon stops being so embarrassed by the franchise's sillier spaces, and that they let things drift just a little into the fantastical.


Related: someone recently asked me on Twitter what tone I wanted to see in Bond 25. My answer was “A two-hour version of the Komodo Dragon fight from Skyfall.” I stand by that, and by this amendment:


Oh god, I’m going to get all these, aren’t I?

So far the only female character in the line is...a corpse.

Bad form, Funko, company who opted to never release a non-dead Laura Palmer figure.


This year is the 50th anniversary of You Only Live Twice, and it’s time you got a look at Blofeld’s first face. Not the face of the guy who played (but didn't voice) him in From Russia With Love and Thunderball. That was Anthony Dawson, whom you might recognize as Professor Dent in Doctor No:

Nor do I mean Donald Pleasence, who eventually turned around and showed his mug as the supervillain. No, check out the first guy cast as Ernst Stavro Blofeld for You Only Live Twice, and who was subsequently sacked for looking too much like a kindly old man.

Ain't that a hell of a thing. After Pleasence, Blofeld would go on to be played by Telly Savalas in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (the GOAT, fite me), Charles Gray in Diamonds Are Forever, the back of Lobot's head (unoffically) in For Your Eyes Only, Max von Sydow in Never Say Never Again, and Christoph Waltz in Spectre. Who's next?


So apparently the Beach Boys instrumental “Pet Sounds” started life as a song called “Run James Run” that Brian Wilson wanted to become a James Bond theme? Looks like we got mad about “California Girls” turning up in A View to a Kill for nothing. Anyway, Wilson recently repurposed the title.