Celebrate Halloween With The Universal Monsters, Now On Shudder!

The curated streaming service adds some true classics, just in time for the very best holiday.

Look, as much as we love Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, the true icons of horror will always be the Universal Monsters. Over at AMC's specialty streaming service, Shudder, the curators seem to agree, as they've added several classics to their already stacked library for you to enjoy, just in time for Halloween.

And when we say classics, we aren't kidding. Check these titles out:

Dracula ['31] – Bela Lugosi owns the role of Bram Stoker's original vampire. 

Frankenstein ['31] – Boris Karloff wears the iconic monster makeup for the very first time in James Whale's immortal tale of mad science. 

Bride of Frankenstein ['35] – Whale and Karloff's monster return, co-starring with Elsa Lanchester as his ill-fated bride. 

The Invisible Man ['33] – Claude Rains is the mysterious doctor who discovers a serum that makes him unseeable, driving him to commit acts of terror.

The Mummy ['32] – Boris Karloff mints his second icon as Im-Ho-Tep, a high priest revived by British archaeologists 3,700 years after being embalmed alive.

The Wolf Man ['41] – Lon Chaney Jr. delivers the original lycanthrope, where a full moon brings out the beast in an otherwise good man.

Whether you're watching these movies for the first time or the fortieth, any excuse is good enough to tune in. Shudder continues to be the very best streaming service out there, and these additions cannot be praised enough. If you don't already have a membership, head on over for your free trial ASAP. Happy October!