LEMON DRINK: Check Out The Hilarious Horror Short Out Of Telluride!

Go ahead, make your day.

Telluride Horror Show is known for its tremendous shorts programming, and the fans certainly come out for it. For instance, the Haha Horror block sold out two screenings, including one at 10am on a Saturday, when all sane people are in bed. 

Friend of BMD Will Goss' Lemon Drink was a highlight of the Haha Horror Shorts, and we're very pleased to share it with you guys here. 

Writer/director Goss says of Lemon Drink's conception: 

When I wrote this short, I knew that the premise was a pretty basic clothesline on which to hang these gags. With that being said, it didn't take much for me to find some genuine emotional underpinning to the central relationship. From Vicki's side of the story, it's about living in denial of someone's flaws in order to preserve an otherwise idealized romance, while Trent's personality is an exaggeration of binge-watching habits and the degree of media consumption that might entirely suffocate one's own capacity for original thought. Having spent ten years as a film critic, it wasn't hard to imagine what the comical consequences of subjecting myself to thousands and thousands of hours of other people's ideas could be.

Lemon Drink stars Christina Parrish as Vicki and Byron Brown as Trent. Scroll down for the poster, as well as a few exclusive behind-the-scenes shots taken by 2nd AC Marshall Tidrick.