Netflix’s THE PUNISHER Series Will Arrive Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Next month, Frank Castle's punishing ALL the chumps.

According to the folks over at Deadline, Netflix has confirmed that the first season of its long-gestating The Punisher series will hit the streaming service on November 17th, just in time for Thanksgiving (perhaps it can serve as your "in" to that gun control debate you get to have with your uncle every year). 

To go along with this announcement, there's a new trailer. Let's take a look.

Yeah, that looks like a Punisher series alright: you've got the brooding, the tragic backstory, the gunfights. Whether or not this fourth attempt (!!!) to successfully translate The Punisher to the screen will be your cup of tea is anyone's guess, but if this is the kinda thing you're into, it'll probably get the job done. It certainly looks better than Marvel's last two Netflix series, The Defenders and Iron Fist.

Oh, man, you guys: remember Iron Fist?

Anyway, The Punisher hits Netflix on November 17th. Are you still onboard the Marvel/Netflix train or nah? Sound off in the comments below.