Stop Fidgeting, Have A (S)Pinner

Oskar Blues’ new limited-edition Simcoe single-hop reboot!

Oskar Blues Brewery started in Longmont, CO and came to be a beer nerd household name for being the first to put actual good beer in aluminum cans. As they have set their sights on spreading the gospel of their flagship brew, Dale's Pale Ale, across America, they opened their third U.S. production facility in the Austin, TX and have been churning out plenty of standards from their portfolio and distinctive one-offs alike.

Of the special brews the Austin production facility/ old-school-stereo-speaker-covered-taproom has been working on, (S)Pinner takes the proverbial cake. Many session IPA fans across the land are VERY familiar with the exceptional Pinner, but if you want to try the special, small batch, single-hopped, Simcoe-heavy variation on the beer, you’ll have to head to any Texas Alamo Drafthouse or to the OB taproom.

This “spin” on Pinner is that rather than the normal addition of 6-8 different hops for the standard recipe, this version of the beer JUST uses Simcoe every step of the way. Simcoe is a versatile hop strain. It makes a great bittering hop but also is fantastic for aromatics. Here the brewery has dumped in about 30lbs of the stuff! That trait is on display front and center with (S)Pinner. Even though the malt and thus the alcohol is boosted on (S)Pinner, it still comes in at a pleasant 5.6% ABV making it a great beer to throw back during a movie and still be able to keep up with who is a Replicant, who the mysterious killer is or even the names of all the little ponies.

There is only one batch of this Texas-exclusive beer, so when this tasty, crushable beer is gone – it is gone. Snag a pint at any Alamo location across Texas or at the OB taproom and let a few pints help you understand the hidden mysteries of Blade Runner.