STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Will Get A Second Season

Keep that CBS All Access subscription handy, gang.

Due to the strange nature of Star Trek: Discovery’s storytelling thus far, it never occurred to me that the show might run for multiple seasons. Both the Klingon war and the ship’s technology indicate clear endpoints I just assumed would arrive by the end of this season. This ship and her crew don’t really feel designed for any kind of long haul.

And yet, CBS just greenlit a second season of the show, which is either a huge fake it till you make it gesture or a lot more people are watching this than I thought. Either way, if you were worried about settling into a show only for it to get cancelled, you can put those concerns aside for now.

But what will the second season be? Originally the show was planned to be an anthology each year, but I don’t think that’s in the cards anymore. So will the Klingon war keep going for years? Will we follow a different ship? Will we still be chasing this spore-warp-drive story? As usual with this show, all I have are questions!