The New COMMUTER Trailer Is Right On Time

Oh man, this movie has a GREAT tagline.

I was already in the bag for The Commuter, the latest PG-13 action fest from Liam Neeson and his main man Jaume Collet-Serra, but this new trailer for the film has me all kinds of pumped. Check it out:

This is a huge improvement over the film’s first trailer back in September. Here we get a better idea of the story and a good look at more actors who aren’t Liam Neeson, actors who, much to my surprise, include Sam Neill and Jonathan Banks. I’m still curious to see how Neeson’s everyman ends up being such an ass-kicker in this one, but I suppose that’s half the fun.

The Commuter comes out January 12, which is of course the perfect time for a film like this to hit theaters. And speaking of perfect, check out the hilarious tagline on the film’s new poster:

I love it! This movie is welcome to Commute me wherever it wants.