Composer Podcast: Bear McCreary Scores THE WALKING DEAD

The undead finally rise as THE WALKING DEAD receives its first soundtrack album release.

Turn on the television, whether it be cable or streaming, and you’d be hard pressed not to find a quality scripted program. It seems we’re a few years deep into a resurgence of episodic television spearheaded by an influx of content from streaming pioneers Netflix and Hulu. Other networks have upped their game creating a wealth of amazing shows to watch. 

The Walking Dead (2010 - ) is a classic example of the type of show that only a top-tiered cable network can provide. It’s pretty gory and violent by all cinematic standards, yet well-written, well-directed, and most importantly, well-scored. 

Bear McCreary is one of the leading television composers in the field today. He’s probably written more music for episodic programming than anybody in the last decade. This past month, a soundtrack album was finally released featuring McCreary’s music from The Walking Dead. Fans have been clamoring for years for such a release and it always seemed strange that in this day where practically anything has a soundtrack album, that The Walking Dead went so long without one. 

Tony Giles of "The Damn Fine Cast" brings us another exclusive podcast interview, this time with composer extraordinaire Bear McCreary. Giles talks with McCreary about his work on The Walking Dead and many other things going on in his life. Bear is the type of composer who loves to talk about, write about, and generally pontificate about his work. If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes tour of a film/TV composer’s work, Bear is usually first in line to open the curtain. 

Aside from the usual CD and digital releases of the soundtrack, Lakeshore Records has also committed to a limited edition vinyl release. For more information, you can check out Lakeshore Records webs site here