DEN OF THIEVES Trailer Makes It Look Like Meathead HEAT

We're not complaining, though.

Gerard Butler's become a B-Movie legend in a short time, appearing in so much schlock it's hard to keep up with. Some of these works of trash art are legitimate duds (see: Andrew's review of Geostorm), while others are problematic pieces of insane entertainment (see: Evan's pure glee regarding London Has Fallen). We need actors like him, tossing vanity out the window in favor of delivering cheap thrills. 

Now comes Den of Thieves, which pits Butler as an LA County Sheriff against 50 Cent and O'Shea Jackson Jr. (not to mention Pablo Schreiber) as a "Neil McCauley on Monster and creatine" heist crew. 

Take a look:

This might be the worst movie ever, but I'm going to watch the shit out of it on January 19, 2018. If you're going to craft a DTV level approximation of Michael Mann's classic, hiring the screenwriter of London Has Fallen and letting him make his directorial debut is the way to go. Den of Thieves may be jacked up nonsense, but it could be our jacked up nonsense.