FLASH Facts: Blue Valley

The fastest little town.

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Twenty-five miles southwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the very small town of Blue Valley, Nebraska. This town is one of the many fictional DC Comics towns, cities and countries that point out the differences between their world and ours. When it comes to Blue Valley, the big difference is that here on Earth Prime the Nebraska border is sixty miles from Sioux Falls, so how can this little town be so much closer?

Maybe that is why Blue Valley is such a hot bed for superhero action.

First introduced in in 1959, Blue Valley was the home of, among other normal American families, the Wests. Rudolpho West worked in town while his wife Mary was a stay at home mom. Their only child, a son named Wally, was growing up in the lap of middle-income middle-America life. Still, Wally wasn’t like the other kids he went to school with. Those kids collected baseball cards and rode their bikes around while Wally spent his time buying every bit of Flash merchandise he could get his ten-year-old hands on and clipping news stories written by his aunt Iris. Wally West wasn’t just a member of the Flash Fan Club, he was the founder, president, and only member of the official Blue Valley chapter.

Also from Blue Valley is Francis Kane, Wally’s first girlfriend and the sometimes supervillain known as Magenta.

When Wally got his powers and became Kid Flash, he spent less time in Blue Valley, choosing instead to hang with his pals the Teen Titans. If he had stuck around, he may have met Pat Duggan. Pat had a rough go for a while - as Stripesy, Pat was the adult sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid during World War Two (in a fun look at how history repeats itself, in their first mission, Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy beat up a bunch of Nazis who were posing as protesters trying to gain American sympathy to their beliefs). Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, along with the rest of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, ended up lost in time not long after WWII ended, but were later rescued by the Justice League. Pat got married, had a kid, got divorced, lost the patents to the devices he created to Star-Spangled Kid, went broke and retired from the hero business, settling down in Blue Valley where he married a single mother. His newfound stepdaughter, Courtney Whitmore, didn’t like Pat all that much, found out about Pat’s superhero past and stole his tech, making herself the new Star-Spangled Kid. Ever looking for a way to connect to Courtney, Pat created a new Stripesy suit and joined her.

Superheroes aren’t the only people who like Blue Valley. Starro the Conqueror (a giant space starfish that can control people’s minds) has used Blue Valley as the launching pad for an attack on Earth twice. The first time Starro was beaten by the Justice League, the second time he was stopped by a homeless guy that lives in Blue Valley (with the help of Daniel Hall, the second Morpheus of the Dreaming).

Blue Valley was also the site of a zombie attack that was stopped by Captain Marvel (these days he’s called Shazam, but he’ll always be Captain Marvel to me!) with the help of Pat Duggan and Courtney Whitmore.

Now, this may all seem like a lot of babble over a quick bit from last night’s Flash, but there’s a reason for it and if you watch Legends of Tomorrow you may have the same theory - Courtney Whitmore appeared in Legends of Tomorrow a few times. First, the Legends met Courtney when she was a member of the Justice Society in 1942. As the Legends learn, the Justice Society went missing and was presumed dead in 1956, but in truth, they were all lost in time. Courtney showed up again when the Legends traveled to medieval England and found her in Camelot. Using a piece of the Spear of Destiny, Courtney had turned the myth of King Arthur into reality, placing herself in the role of Merlyn.

Watchers of Legends of Tomorrow know that at least a few of the Justice Society peeps showed up sometimes after their 1956 vanishing - we’ve seen the old Dr. Mid-Nite and know that the 1940s Vixen leaves her mystical necklace, the Tantu Totem for her granddaughter to use as the current day Vixen. My theory is that an old, or maybe young, Courtney Vance is living in Blue Valley, and Wally will meet her. After all, Courtney has the cosmic staff, and I can’t believe that thing won’t be showing up somewhere in the Arrowverse sooner or later.