HOLY SHIT: THE RAID’s Gareth Evans Might Direct DC’s DEATHSTROKE Movie

Hollywood finally got him.

There are a handful of action directors I will drop everything to watch. Gareth Evans it way up high on that list. Even if you’re one of those folks who doesn’t like The Raid 2, you have to admit the action filmmaking in that is on the next level.

Evans has his whole own thing going, so it never occurred to me that he might make a Hollywood film. According to The Wrap, however, it could be happening. The outlet reports that Evans is in talks to take on Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke movie.

So now I have to wonder what this movie is going to be. Originally, Deathstroke was just going to be the next Batman villain. Now that’s off the table, so it’s a solo villain film. Okay, but what’s it rated? Not that all comic book movies have to be for grownups, but Gareth Evans ones about badass assassins probably should be.

I’m sure the action will be good, but I also wonder how well Evans will work under Hollywood constraints. It could be great, but it could also be a recipe for disaster. I’m going to keep optimistic because, well what choice do I have?

In the meantime, we can all look forward to Evans’ Apostle which should be hitting Netflix sometime next year.