MondoCon 2017 Unveils JAWS 2 And SPRING BREAKERS Prints

The yearly art festival has some beautiful posters for you to snag.

MondoCon returns to Austin, Texas in just over a week. For fans of movie art, it's the perfect time to drop some cash on a few beautiful prints, get a signature from a few of their favorite artists, and just basically pal around with fellow collectors. 

Earlier today, Slashfilm premiered some rather stunning pieces that're being put on sale at this year's convention. The first is Laurent Durieux's absolutely breathtaking Jaws 2, which was crafted to celebrate the '78 sequel to Steven Spielberg's immortal classic...

You're not going to find a bigger Jaws 2 fan than this writer, so Durieux's print is an absolute must have. Next up is Cameron Stewart's Spring Breakers...

Finally, MondoCon will be displaying a statue of Jesse Custer from AMC’s Preacher, recreating the image of actor Dominic Cooper, sculpted by Matthew Black and based on art by Rory Kurtz. Unfortunately, this will not be for sale, so get your selfies in if you're attending, nerds.  

MondoCon 2017 will be held November 4 - 5 at the Austin American-Statesman building in downtown Austin, Texas. The event's currently sold out, but BMD will have plenty of coverage so you can live out these days vicariously through us.