According To Vin Diesel, Justin Lin Won’t Be The Only FAST & FURIOUS 9 Alum To Return

This is kind of a confusing video.

The Fast and Furious series is in a strange place right now. It just came off a highly successful eighth entry, and yet that success has been marred somewhat by public infighting and spinoff news. Meanwhile, it’s still unclear who will direct the next (or next two) installments.

I’m not saying this Facebook Live video from Vin Diesel clears anything up, but it certainly points us in a couple of directions:

For those who didn’t watch, a choice I totally understand, this appears to be Vin Diesel on a top secret movie set, which he uses to tease the director of the final two Fast & Furious films: Justin Lin. Apparently this is for real, as EW is reporting the classic F&F director in “Advanced Talks” to do at least the next film.

But that’s not all! Diesel also brings back Jordana Brewster, indicating she will return as well. That’ll be interesting. Mia sat The Fate of the Furious out, something we all just accepted since she’s Brian’s wife, and Brian’s out of the series for obvious, tragic reasons. But Mia’s still family, and I’ll happily welcome her return.

But the real effect of this video for me is confusion. Diesel sounds pretty confident, and this is all big news if true, but I just don’t know what to believe. I also don’t know who else is coming back when they do this other movie. We’ll just have to wait and see if this miracle machine has any more NOS left in it or not.